What Flow Rate do you require and what pressure do you intend pumping into?

The first questions to ask when selecting a Solenoid Metering Pump should be:

What Flow Rate do you require and what pressure do you intend pumping into?

EMEC KPLUS Pump (from 1 l/hr @ 20 bar to 18 l/hr @ 2 bar)All EMEC pumps are rated at a maximum flow rate at a maximum injection pressure (based on water at ambient temperature). For example, a KPLUS 10 05 pump’s maximum rating is 5l/hr @ 10 bar injection pressure. Hence, you will achieve a higher flow rate if injecting into a lower pressure. It is always better to select a pump that will achieve the desired dose rate at less than its maximum rating. The instruction manuals for each pump can be located here and include Flow rate vs Pressure curves.

To determine the exact flow rate of a dosing pump, you would need to perform calibration by drawing up a known volume of water and timing (or counting the strokes) it takes to draw up all the water on the suction side of the pump. Once this is determined, you can then determine whether you need to increase/decrease the dose rate set, or program the actual rate into the pump for more accurate flow paced dosing (i.e. if dosing proportional to flow).

Other questions to ask are: What inputs do I require? What chemical am I dosing? What temperature am I dosing into? Is my preference for pump configuration Foot Mount or Wall Mount? In line in text add - You can fast track the process and learn the answers to each of these questions by downloading our complete guide here

Download the Guide - Which emec solenoid pump should I use?

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