Newly Updated ERMES Advanced Monitoring System Launched

What is ERMES?

ERMES is a web mobile-responsive based platform enabling you to access your controllers remotely via a web browser to change settings, view and download data logs and to set up alarm recipients. The URL is 

Emec ERMES Banner


What are the system capabilities?

The ERMES system is able to oversee and manage parameters of  EMEC controllers:

  • Controller inputs
  • Tank levels
  • Temperature
  • Setpoints & Settings
  • Readings
  • Logs
  • Graphs

You’ll be able to easily read, analyse and modify the controllers' parameters immediately and comfortably from your PC, smartphone or tablet, through a whatever browser and a simple but powerful interface.




ERMES Additional Functionality

Upon request, ERMES can keep you constantly informed via email or SMS about controller status and  potential alarms with different report options, considerably reducing the need of on-site operations and inspections.

You have Real-time supervision, analysis and setting, everywhere you are.

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