Get To Know Your miXtron Dosing Pump

What is a Water Powered Dosing Pump?

A Water Powered Dosing Pump is a proportional Dosing Pump that requires no electrical power input. It runs solely via the water that runs through it.


How does they work? 

The pump is directly installed in the water supply line and creates a homogenised solution. The chemical dose is always proportional to the volume of water, regardless of changes in flow or pressure and the dose rate is set as a percentage of flow.

Flow Diagram of Mixtron Water Dosing Pump

Unlike a venturi pump relying on a vacuum to add the dosing chemical - [wildly inconsistent & inaccurate] - the Water Powered Dosing Pump hydraulically draws up the dosing chemical via a piston (constant quantity) into a first stage chamber and on the downward stroke further mixes the chemical/water mix into a second stage chamber and into the supply line stream.

A highly engineered yet simple solution for accurate proportional dosing where the operating principle is based on water pressure as the driving force, ideal for livestock nutrient feeding and fertigation where out in the field there is no power available.

Some Engineered Features of the miXtron Brand:

  • Double mixing chamber produces fully mixed emulsions/solutions offering improved product performance.

  • Constructed from a material highly resistant to a broad range of chemicals.

  • Internal metal components made from AISI 316 stainless steel.

  • All fasteners are AISI 316 stainless steel and fasten into a stainless steel thread molded into the casing giving the pump-body a tighter vacuum, precise alignment resulting in a consistent mix.

  • An adjustable ratchet collar lock to avoid the set dosing rate being altered accidently.

  • External temperature indicators to safeguard the correct temperature use.

  • Optional By-Pass module to allow for the dosing of aggressive/corrosive chemicals. 

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Fields of Application:

LIVESTOCK: Antibiotics, vitamins, probiotics, pH acidifiers, sanitizers, detergents.

METALWORKING: Soluble oils, detergents, industrial degreasers, separating agents, anti-foam agents.

CAR WASH: Wax, soap, detergent, degreasers.

FERTIGATION: Fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, vitamins, acids, pH stabilizers, sanitizers.

WATER TREATMENT: Chlorinated substances, salts, disinfectants, pH stabilizers, fungicides, flocculants, antifoam agents.

CHEMICAL INDUSTRY: Disinfectants, chemical treatment of materials, acids, detergents, inks, alcohol solutions, silicone solutions, sanitizers, sterilizers, detergents, food additives.

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