Argal Magnetically Coupled Pumps

What are Magnetically Coupled Pumps?

Magnetically Coupled Pumps, probably more well known as Mag Drive Pumps or Magnetic drive pumps use a magnetic coupling to drive the impeller.

The magnet affixed to the drive shaft transmits motion to the internal magnet connected to the impeller. The impeller then rotates to move fluid throughout the pump.

A rear casing between the magnets creates a completely sealed "hermetic containment" area, which prevents the liquid from accessing the outside, which is useful in applications where the risk of contaminants from leakage of corrosive or combustible fluids or toxic vapours is a threat, or where fluids undergo chemical reactions when exposed to heat or air. Using magnetic drive pumps allows the plant to comply with environmental and safety regulations.


Another advantage is chemical compatibility. Magnetic Drive pumps can be supplied with their wet ends in a wide variety of material combinations which together with their compatibility properties provide for a chemically resistant means of transferring aggressive chemicals.

Mag Drive Pumps only work with clean liquids, which makes them unsuitable for applications that involve solids.  Even a small percentage of solids in suspension means they cannot be used in wastewater applications

Mag drive pumps are typically more expensive and use more power than conventional pumps, although some of their advantages (less maintenance and less downtime) offset initial costs.

When deciding if you need a magnetic drive pump, you should consider the pros and cons of these pumps before making an informed choice.

Pros and Cons

The Argal Mag Drive Pump has both pros and cons and in order to keep you informed we've listed these below.


  • Magnetic drive pumps are also reliable. When choosing the Argal brand, you will have confidence the pump will operate as specified.

  • A pump of this type requires very little maintenance. The primary reason is that the design is actually quite simple. In fact, when used for normal operations it is common to see magnetic drive pumps survive for 10 years or longer before needing any kind of repair. Even then, repairs are often inexpensive.

  • Another huge benefit associated with close-coupled magnetic drive pumps is because of the magnetic coupling, there is no need for an alignment of the pump or motor.

Mag Drive Pumps - ARGAL TMR-1


  • For applications that involve solids, even a small percentage, magnetic drive pumps are not suitable because they only work with clean liquids free of solids.

  • Magnet drive pump requires higher power absorption than conventional pump.

  • From a cost perspective, magnetic drive pumps tend to be more expensive. However, because maintenance is very low, a quick payback can also be attained.

Typical Applications

  • Mining
  • Water Treatment
  • Construction
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Food and pharmaceutical
  • Marine
  • Tanker unloading
  • Gas Scrubbing

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