Argal DDE Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps (AODDs)

Why use an AODD (Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump)?

A common reply to the question would be "I have no power to drive the pump". In most cases, this is not the reason why AODD pumps are used.

AODD pumps have so many advantages over other types of pumps, as long as you have compressed air available to operate the pump.

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Argal AODD DDE Series Pumps are self priming, can cope with high suction lifts, can run dry without pump damage, are suitable for shear sensitive fluid and can handle a wide variety of fluids with high solid content.

There are no rotating parts, so depending on the correct selection of materials, can actually pump liquids with a very high solid content. Furthermore, because the discharge pressure can never exceed the air inlet pressure, the discharge line can be closed with no damage or wear. Unlike a centrifigul pump which will fail, the AODD pump will simply slow down and stop.

Argal has been through a few iterations of the design of their AODD pumps, but now have simplified the construction whilst improving robustness and reliability.

The new DDE series is regarded as one of the best around:

  • Metal banding around the inlet and outlet ports reduce the change of the pump body cracking should metail fittings be screwed in, or too much thread tape used.
  • Similarly the air inlet port has a metal thread for extra robustness.
  • There are many body types available: GFP/PP, CFF/PVDF, Aluminium, AISI 316L and AISI 316L Polished.
  • The new DDE design has seen improved diaphragm lifetime as well as increased time between services and reduced air consumption.

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The applications where AODDs are used is extensive: Chemical, Automotive, Textile, Leather tanning, Electroplating, Paints, Inks, Paper, Construction, Water and Waste water treatment.


The AISI 316L electropolished pumps are ideal for the food industry as they comply with FDA recommendations. They have this approval as the parts in contact with the food, i.e AISI electro-polished with 125 Ra finish, and PTFE, are both certified for food usage. They can also pump fluids with very high viscosity and temperatures of up to 95°C.

A full range from 1/2" up to 2" ports are available, and for flow rates of up to 715 L/Min. Argal also offers an optional range of Pulsation dampeners to smooth out the chemical delivery.


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